Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I Wonder, What If !!

I see her shivering in the empty corner,
Is it the cold or lack of warmth in her I wonder !!

People said she always walks with droopy shoulders,
her spine is curved may be..
or may be she is carrying a bag of broken dreams I wonder !!

She has lost her memory, society calls her mad..
I wonder, what if she doesn't have anything worth remembering !!

She lacks maturity, behaves live a kid who never grew up "THEY SAY",
I wonder, what if she doesn't know how to fake it !!

Neighbors say she once used to rattle like a chatterbox,
now not a word she utters, she is depressed they say..
I wonder, what if she doesn't find them worth taking to anymore !!

They say her eyes are all dried, she never cries,
I wonder, what if she doesn't have anything worth crying for !!

Tears have value only if there is someone to wipe them,
else they are just water droplets rolling from eyes..
Hugs are only worth the love someone has for you,
Words only hold value of the feeling they convey...
I wonder, what if she has any of it left!!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I'll be Silent..

How long should I bleed before I drain out...
How long should I scream before I am heard...

I guess the watch has already stopped ticking,
its the fake hope all along that I am living...

But there is a voice inside that says don't give up yet,
There might be a sunrise behind that gate..
But where to get the strength to push it,
when I am not able to lift my own eyelids..

The waves have died long back,
The World is yet to discover that, as it is not bothered yet...

But the little Birdie knows, time is near and it will soon disappear..
This time its not gonna cry, this time there won't be any shouts...
No anger tantrums, No pouts..
it'll be silent till the judgement day comes ...

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Goodbye Cyber ... Thanks for the Adventure

 !!!Saying goodbye isn’t the hard part, it’s what we leave behind that’s tough!!! #Quote

When we begin, we never think that it will ever end,
But life takes a turn and you find yourself in a bend..
I worked for almost 3 years here,
Where the days were a jumpy fun adventure...

But my last day is here, I have to say with a tear
That I made the choice to work here
and now I made the choice to leave.

I am taking a basketful of memories and learning with me..
Some are sour, Some are sweet, Some are fun worth a treat...

Ill miss my computer that always hanged and my colleagues with whom I hanged...
The chair where I sat and  the work that I did ... is all gonna be missed..
Today I depart the Cyber building,  bid farewell  and close the door..
In a hope that ill open many more..

Thanks for the adventure Cyber and making me, better me..
Although, goodbyes are not forever and they are not the end,
They simply mean I'll miss you till we meet again!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Do you Know Your Sugar Score ??

Whenever we hear someone talking about sugar problem, the first thing that comes to our mind is "Diabetes". Diabetes, in a basic understanding, is describes as a disease in which the person has high blood sugar, either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both.

Today every human seeks for comfort in every possible way, which ultimately leads to laziness and health issues. Exercise, walking, physical tasks etc. are the things which are taken for granted today. And all these leads to many diseases including diabetes.

I took up a 6 seconds test to measure my sugar score today which was brought to my notice via my friend Sneha (@SamDLifeCoach) and found out that my Sugar Score is 10, which implies that I am at a very low risk of Diabetes. All thanks to my daily exercise and walking routine.

Photokatha (@photokatha) is conducting #sugarscoreofIndia campaign to find out the sugar score of Indians. Tag #SugarscoreofIndia

 Sugar Score symbolizes the risk of diabetes in an individual. Photokatha is supporting an initiative by Janacare.

You can take this test

Stay fit, Stay away from Diabetes. Keep Smiling.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dekha hai maine .....

Rishton ko har din badalte dekha hai maine,
Har Chehre pe naya chehra lagte dekha hai maine....
Naqabi naam benaami ada,
Har aayam ke pehluo ko badalte dekha hai maine....

Is maati ke putle ke ahmiyat us ruh se badhkar aanki jati hai,
Tinko ke gharondo ko nafrat ki aag mein khakh hote dekha hai maine....
Nazare ab har pal har nigah pe pehra rakhti hai,
Nanhe se dil ko baar baar tut te dekha hai maine....

Alfaso se kya bayan karu mein haale dil,
In labso ko har baar bekar jate dekha hai maine....
Apane lahu se sinche hue paudhe kante ugate hai ab,
Par mali  ko fir bhi baag bagan se pyar hai.. ye bhi dekha hai maine....

Najane ye kafila kaha jake thamega,
Par is bawander mein bhi indradhanush ke rang bikharte bhi dekha nai maine...
Kuch nanhi kaliya bagawat pe utar aayi hai,
Un kaliyo ko pahad ka sina fadke muskurate bhi dekha hai maine....

Khudi pe hai bhrosa mujhe, aur dil mein bhari hai aas,
Inhi chand khudi ke khajano se is jivan ko mehkayenge,
Nanhse se diye ko raahein roshan karte dekha hai maine....

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Butterfly without wings...

Butterfly without wings, Clutched and entwined in twigs..
IT gave away its colors to make the rainbow smile,
And tore its dream of flight  to make the sun shine that extra mile...

Now that the fluttering has stopped and
now that the muttering is silent...
Does that colorless throb and that wingless dream matter to anyone??
Or does that closing wet eyelashes mean anything to you??

The more you knock, the doors are closing tighter..
hiding secrets in the lock..
Heart has given up pumping life and body is exhausting with every moment passing by..

All thats gonna remain is the trail in sand..
Telling a tale of butterfly who hung on to faith and fought till the end...

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Little Respect Is All We Need!!

 #Guestpost By @akhilavr

The day God made human begins he made two genders the Adam and the Eve. The Adam so called man and eve so called woman. Since that day we have being fighting for our rights our right to get respect. Every one has a bigggggg speech on tip of there tongues when u tel them to speak they go on for pages Women the mother ,the creator, the support and once the speech is done he gets out of the place sees a beautiful woman walking by and he says to his fellow mate “kya kaamal ki cheez hay yaar” Seriously?? Cheez?? What are we a walking object??

In past ,present or in future we had been treated this way we are treated this way and we will be treated further too. Few days back a girl in Delhi was been gang raped by 6 men and was beaten and stripped and thrown on the road from a moving bus. A girl being raped by her father in Kerala  Brother sexually assaulting his own sister. We speak of education we speak of women empowerment we speak of rights where are all these morals and education that has been thought implied?? Where is humanity?? Is it a curse being born a woman??

In this male chauvinistic society When a girl steps out of her home every morning she passes through those million eyes of men ,she walks through there disgusting comments, cheap gestures ,winks ,flying kisses, touches ,filthy words, its not me its wat every single women goes through be it a 16 year old a 5 year old or an 50 year old women and these are not just a set of men in there 20's or 25 who do this its even those men in there 50's and 60's who involve in these acts. Why is it so difficult?? Give a little respect for not being a girl at least for being a fellow human.When we walk u look at us with those eyes those eyes that wanna gulp us down those gestures. Have you realized how it feels being on the other end and a random person walking by comments and passes filthy words?? And end of the day after facing all these we have to convince ourselves we are born women and we are meant to go through all of these. No we are not meant to go through all of these we are not a sex machine, we are not an object ,we are not born just to satisfy men, we are not born to fulfill ur dirty cravings.

Women were a boon to this Earth and wil remain til the end. Try a day with out women in this world imagine a fellow men performing the work that has been done by a women on a day to day basis from the time she wakes up til she goes back to bed. When u want some good food you need your mother ,for love and lust your wife ,for movie and fun girlfriend ,for comfort and love a daughter, for support, for strength, for existence u need a women. When u need her for all this why don't u need her for Respect?? Why dont u need her for humanity? Why dont you need her for courtesy?

A little bit of respect a little more of that respect is what we ask. The thing that we have to be born with has gone to the stages of been requested for. Women are known for there mental strength if she makes up her mind to take a revenge beware we can erase the traces of your existence. Learn to Respect and Teach to Respect!!